100% Natural Pet Supplements & Treats

A little bit about us…

Hello my name is Peter, founder and director of PetsHealthRus Pty. Ltd.

Along with my business partner, a trained veterinarian, we have extensive experience in the pet supplement industry, including marketing and sales, have managed and owned companies and startups and our current business focus is on our pet-health range for dogs & horses.

Until now, our products have been sold under the brand name Dr. Jack’s, however we are now known as PetsHealthRus.

China bans all exports from our contract manufacturing company – including our products. All our products removed from sale.

Unfortunately, this is the stark reality of business in these uncertain economic times.

The images of our Pharmaceutical grade products shown below (with the exception of Australian Blue Mussel Chews) had to be removed from sale.

Fortunately one of the components in our formulation is Green Lipped Mussels imported from New Zealand which does not require milling into powder was not banned.

Australian Blue premium freeze-dried Mussels contain the same nutrients as New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels.

Hence to recover from this set back we have decided to challenge the dominance of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels to help protect and support the Australian Fisher Farmer from all foreign imported mussels from dubious destinations.

Foreign imported mussels are often substituted for overpriced Green Lipped Mussels.

Please take a look at the investment opportunity we are offering.

Buy Australian Made, Buy Aussie Now. We will announce when China allows us to resume selling the products that they have banned.

Our Products

Natural Dog Treats

HappyDog Joint Powder

All Natural Joint Powder

For Horses

Ingredient Breakdown

  • Marine Cartilage contains chondroitin sulphate, calcium, phosphorus and protein.
  • Australian Blue Mussel contains high levels of natural omega-3 fatty acids along with minerals and protein, the same nutritional value as green-lipped mussels.
  • MSM & Glucosamine are used to treat osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease. They are also used by the body to rebuild tendons and cartilage, repair ligaments and help in synovial fluid reproduction, the fluid that surrounds joints.
  • Sea Cucumber contains the highest concentration of chondroitin sulphate found in any animal product and has been used effectively to treat joint and arthritic pain.

The Benefits of PetsHealthRus Products

  • Reduce joint inflammation in your pets naturally with a nutritious supplement and treat.
  • Prolong joint health and well-being in dogs young and old.
  • Promote a range of motion and ease of movement to keep your dog active throughout their life.
  • We use only the most superior Australian ingredients and are a local Australian company.
  • Our products are sold direct from our factory, online with no middle-man to offer the greatest savings to our customers.

We believe this is a great chance to nourish your pets with a natural, cost-effective product while saving money and supporting an Australian business.